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Business space on the ground floor – REF ID: 2016/475, Split, 316 m2

Cena: 730 000 EUR

Agencja nieruchomości GOESTE prezentuje:

Business space for sale, located on the ground floor of a residential and commercial building located in the southeastern part of the city of Split, within a residential – business complex, with a total area of 316 m2.

A special advantage of the space is that it is all in one piece, and it can be easily partitioned according to the wishes of the new owner. The space is currently divided into two spacious office spaces.

The space also has 5 parking spaces located in the basement of the building, as well as one garage space, which are connected by internal stairs directly to the space.

Given the size of the space and the position in the building of a relatively recent date of construction (2010), and the associated parking spaces, the space seems an excellent choice for various activities, from office, sports and educational, to social, health and similar activities.

Miasto: Split
Powierzchnia: 316 m2
Kraj: Chorwacja
Kod oferty: GST-2016/475
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